Hello, The pictures are the property of Frédéric Gras Photographer. Thank you for respecting my work. Have a nice day. Frederic

Why not meet

I'm a photographer in Elancourt in Yvelines, let me introduce myself...

My job :

photographer of

YOUR family

Everything starts with a meeting and then there is a link which lasts… This is the beginning of your story. Whether it is straight or not, it exists so why not pose to reinforce your links and keep them alive through pictures you'll be able to share?

You all have your school pictures or your wedding pictures … but, what about your family pictures, do you have them?

family photographer but mainly

photographer of YOUR family

I'm not going to tell you I've always wanted to become a photographer since I was young because that is not the case. Indeed, I first studied to become a P.E. teacher

I'm keen on sports in general and as soon as I got my Baccaleauréat I entered the UFR-STAPS in Marseille with the aim of teaching P.E. to pupils in Grammar and High schools. Despite the fact that I got my "maitrise STAPS" and several experiences in various schools, I decided, in February 2004, to create my enterprise.  This decision had been much thought but it surprised everybody : my wife of course, my friends and my relatives. My enterprise, named "Ma Vie sur DVD" was already centered on souvenirs and families since I digitalized and edited films and video cassettes in ordre to burn them on a DVD.

My specialities

  • Family portraits
  • Pregnancy photographies
  • New-born photographies
  • Glamourous photographies
  • Nursery photographies
  • Corporate photographies

I love

  • My family
  • The pink colour
  • Golf
  • My friends
  • The "mille feuille" (it's a cake)
  • Honesty
  • Excellence

In 2007, Sophie created a discussion forum (at that time there used to be forums)
on which I was invited
and my story as a photographer was about to start…

Indeed, on that forum, there were only photographers, a magician and me. One thing leading to another, the discussions with my current colleagues gradually brought me behind a camera rather than behind a camcorder. In 2008, with my wife, we chose our house so as to have the possibility to create a studio inside of it. Once we found it, I progressively put aside the video and, since 2010, I've been devoting myself to photography. Since then, I've been considering myself as the photographer of YOUR family, because my specialities enable me to follow you in all the important events of your life. I've been a family photographer located in the Yvelines, but also a pregnancy photographer and a new-born photographer of course so as to enable you to have coherent souvenirs...

Only quality

In 2013 I got in the city of Tours, the Portraitiste de France Award "excellence mention" which is the highest mention for this prize, awarded every 2 years, to the best photographers taking into account very specific criteria such as the quality of light, the frame, the post production, and the printing, etc... The aim is for the customers to know that they have choosen a qualified photographer.


I created my compagny in 2004 and my studio in 2009, so it has been 14 years since, It's been 14 years that I use my experience at your service in family photography.


Since 2011 and my first Portraitiste de France award in Lyon, I have had more than 20 Awards from Europe as well as from the USA. What could be more rewarding than the recognition of one's peers, with all the requirements that each of these rewards need to be obtained.


Recognized by my colleagues, since 2014 I have been giving workshops for professionals photographers in Élancourt and more generally in France according to requests.

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